Sweet/Crude: A Bakken Boom Cycle (Gazing Grain Press, 2016)


“This lush, language-driven meditation on the North Dakota oil boom is as perfect a jagged juxtaposition as the title implies. Part history, part geology lesson, part survey, part indictment of corporate greed – it’s also something much more: a song about the stubborn, sorry, beautiful mess we humans have become.”  – Amber Sparks


You can read an excerpt published in Eleven Eleven here and an interview/discussion of Sweet/Crude here.


Currently, I’m working on a book of linked essays, Real Mother, about my relationship with my adopted son’s birthmother. You can read two excerpts here: “My Son’s Brother” published in The Boiler and “Nervous Systems,” which won The Baltimore Review’s “Body” themed contest.


I’m also finishing up a manuscript of collected essays titled Fluid States, which includes Sweet/Crude, as well as “Bear,” which won Parks & Points’ 2016 National Parks essay contest; “Consider the Lobster Mushroom,” a hybrid lyric/craft essay which first appeared at Brevity’s blog; and Decants, a lyric sequence about perfume, an excerpt of which, “5 by (N°)5,” appeared in KYSO Flash.


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