Hi, and thanks for stopping by to check me out. Let me introduce myself and my work.


I write poetry and essays, and every weird hybrid of the two: prose poetry, lyric essays, haibun, flash nonfiction, and whatever catchphrase that seems to cover it. I also am an editor – anthology, freelance, and at North Dakota Quarterly.  And I write reviews of poetry collections (especially those by women) as often as I can to contribute to the poetry community.


After nearly twenty years teaching at the university level, my family and I made the jump to Minneapolis, where I’m happily infiltrating its arts (and craft beer) culture.


Currently, I’m a teaching artist at The Loft Literary Center, and I can’t wait to share some exciting publishing news with you. In the following webpages, you’ll find links to my books and tastes of my work, and below, I’ll list opportunities to catch me live.


Upcoming Events:


AWP Conference in DC, YAS QUEEN offsite reading, Wednesday February 8 at 7 p.m.

The Loft Literary Center course: Poetry Revision Bootcamp, Oct. 15 & 22

The Loft Literary Center course: To Be a Citizen, Oct. 29

                   Author photo by Britta Trygstad.

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